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Endeavor Group Holdings canceled plans for an initial public offering Thursday, the latest sign that the IPO market is slowing down. The move came as Peloton Interactive Inc. See also: Peloton stock spins in reverse during trading debut. Smith said after the offering was reduced that she expected the company to complete the deal, given that it is profitable and has a record of putting together media properties and talent, but conceded investors are sensitive about overpaying in the current market.

Susan Peterson: Protect Boulder’s environmental legacy ‘at all costs’

WSG, See: Peloton IPO: 5 things to know about the interactive exercise-machine company. Read also: Uber stock is a buy-one-get-one-free deal, analyst contends.

Ciara Linnane is MarketWatch's investing- and corporate-news editor. She is based in New York.

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Learn More. IPO market has begun pushing back on growth-at-all-costs private companies. By Ciara Linnane. Comment icon. Text Resize Print icon.

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By Ciara Linnane Corporate news editor. These protests have once again highlighted how in an effort to exercise one right can make other rights be infringed such as the right to education, access to social services, freedom of movement, association, speech, safety and economic development just to name a few. The businesses have been badly affected with vandalism by the protesters and closure of the premises due to uncertainty of security.

Many offices have not been working according to schedule due to fear of the protests.

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All this uncertainty is affecting productive of the nation and all in all affecting the economy. How will the protests impact on government in the long run after all this comes to an end? One important thing to know is whatever we are experiencing now will come to pass as no situation is permanent but only the word of God. When this comes to come pass, government will have a lot to do in terms rebuilding the nation. The best would be to embark on a massive national peace rebuilding initiative.

We cannot lie the nation is divided, the nation is in tatters, the nation is badly hurt, the nation is bleeding and Its only through national rebuilding that we can bring back our hope, our future, our Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa, the land of milk and honey.

But for this to move we need the national political leadership to lead. Further, what is paramount in all this is for the nation to engage and pursue peace. We cannot run away from talking about peace. We have to talk and walk-in and with peace. Of course, firstly the bigger victory and achievement will be for peace loving Malawians. But this peace initiatives will bring a number of achievements. Firstly, once engagement has been initiated we will experience ceasefire and clam which has been eluding the nation. As trust is built in the peace process, definitely we will see the nation coming back to normal, people doing their daily activities without fear hence continued growth of our economy.

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The engagement and peace process can be initiated but what so important is for the nation to strive in managing our differences and conflicts without recourse to hate and violence. On its side, what should government do in protecting its people in such a scenario? Government has the obligation and responsibility to protect its people from violence of whatever form.


In such scenario government must be seen to protect and stand for its people. Government should not be a spectator when people fundamental rights are being infringed, innocent people beaten, harassed, intimidated and their properties destroyed just because of taking a different opposite position.

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  • People must have trust and confident in government that it will always provide protection to and for them. The nation must not allow people to live in fear and uncertainty. Our differences cannot be resolved when we are pursuing violent agendas and preaching hate speeches.