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And how about the property of actually being "dark"? Bob West. Our visible universe is in the outflow of a super-supermassive black hole. As ordinary matter falls toward the super-supermassive black hole it evaporates into dark matter. It is the dark matter outflow which pushes the galaxy clusters, causing them to move outward and away from us.

The dark matter outflow is dark energy. The galaxy clusters which have been pushed for longer than we have are accelerating outward and away from us. We are accelerating outward and away from the galaxy clusters which have been pushed for less time than we have.

From our perspective most of the galaxy clusters are accelerating away from us.

Here's an easy way: find a mirror image of any galaxy. Sort of like the opposite of an Einstein ring, with the galaxy adjacent as it appears in the sky to a region of dark energy but much farther away than that region Very very slightly asymmetrical.

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With big ass seeming energy available on breakdown. It's not really, it's just separated or torn from the backdrop support structure of the given dimensional bubble. Like the speed of light, not really a limit but a limit in and of the dimensional bubble. And when the thing is seen as the bubble of resonance that it is infinity boundaries on both ends , then you can see enough of the shape of it to curve fit the quantum into the scenario.

One can use the mathematics if they wish but that is not the fundamental, the point of understanding is the fundamental. Really a fluid????? It is incredible as with the adjective "Oxford University" one creates whatever they post. Our theory is more solid, but without the "support" of universities.

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Theory of Empty Universe. Oh Boy!

A new, imaginatively constructed speculation for all of us to argue over. The question I have is. Why are the larger galaxies, in general, spiral shaped? Wouldn't the effect of NG from a surrounding sphere of DM pushing the on the structures from all directions, result in spherical galaxies? Where is the DM lensing effect?

Other questions I have are. Centered anchored? How could there be any inter-galactic mass, such as gas streamers to be observed? Wouldn't the NG have rudely shoved all that low-mass debris deep into the cores of the larger galaxies? And how would it be even possible for the ancient, low-mass dwarf galaxies to exist as satellites of the larger galaxies? As an important aspect of quantum mechanics, this "magic" is therefore an integral part of the theory that made possible the very technology you are using to make your posts..

So, what is your definition of magic? Is it magic if it can be clearly seen to work? Da Schneib. One area the paper does not cover, as others have noted, is gravitational lensing. This idea is incomplete without addressing this. While lensing studies are invoked, the actual lensing observed is not addressed. It's an interesting toy model. But I'll wait to see what the general astrophysics and relativity communities have to say. Negative Mass Tis the season of good will to all theories Scientists at the University of Oxford with a paper unifying dark matter and dark energy as a fluid possessing negative mass push a negative mass would accelerate towards you Flubber, Professor Philip Brainard of Medfield College developing a new energy source to raise money saving college closure So in this festive spirit Flubber is not as farfetched as Negative mass as negative mass is the energy source Flubber clearly was not with negative mass Elon Musk can fulfill his dream as with his negative mass he can project his space transporter at mars while his negative mass is projecting human Martians in their space transporters back in time for Christmas turkey Well that is the theory, it just needs Elon Musk and tinker bells magic fairy dust With Elon Musk as the starring role in a multi-billion Christmas box office hit "Negative Mass" And we won't need Tinkerbelle's magic fairy dust.

Plus why "If you were to push a negative mass, it would accelerate towards you"? If it has only negative kinetic mass then it should resist any movement in space. If it has only negative kinetic mass then it should resist any movement in space Mass already accelerates towards us We've had way too much Christmas spirit Negative Mass should repel mass away from us!

This is hilarious to anyone who actually works with magnetic fields. The transcranial magnetic stimulation you've received does not qualify you as someone who "works with magnetic fields. Quit eating those pills, egotist. I always figured that old Albert divided by zero somewhere, but this new theory would validate Sr Alcubierre. One day there will be a statue to him, first in his home nation, Mexico, in Mexico City D.

The Missing Link—Evidence of a Lost Civilization? - Graham Hancock Official Website

This theory should lead to advances in how to create and use this fluid for star travel. We have had many visitations throughout history as evidence all over the world in plain sight shows. Only a cloistered baptist with a basket over his head literally and figuratively would soak his head in wet concrete and let it set to be able to lie and deny this obvious fact Yes, and he would have to be a white republican PeeBrain ,too. On the other hand, time is not an intrinsic property of a reference frame, because our orbiting satellites experience time changes due to grav induced frame dragging by the earth's mass in proximity.

This should mean the affected satellites would be out of our reference frame and become invisible to us like the scenes in the movie 'Langoliers' It is in a small scale like we could talk to intelligent dinos, Troodons, if they ever existed, over a gap of eons of time. In for a penny then in for a pound. Thought experiment that maybe says that frame dragging is flawed. Thanks pepe, for correcting my assumption. But still? My question still applies, even for elliptical galaxies. How would that event be possible? I am sure Jones will give you a big hug and kiss on the forehead.

As far as ego, I mentioned in several threads guys like you would have to shutter yours given the direction cosmology must go and where it will leave those who want to stick to dogma, and comment as though you are superior to those questioning it. So yeah, if you didn't like that taste of my ego, you might want to try not to be an asshole like with the above comment. Kevin Smith The whole "bu bu bu dark energy is pushing everything away from us" is a bunch of malarkey. It doesn't even make no sense.

It's not like planet earf is in the centre of the universe or nothin. How that can even be? Nah, what whitey never understood is that nothing aint moving away from us. What we be observing is spacetime curving away from us the more far we be looking into space. That why the red shift be like it do. Nothing to do wit anything moving away, acceleratin' or none of dat nonsense.

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Refute one of Einstein's predictions and another one takes its place. Good new theory should not only predict already observed things, but should predict something new, unknown until now.


This theory fails to fit into all existing observations and fails to predicts something very specific and different, which could be confirmed. On the other hand it is positive trend, that something refreshingly new and controversial makes it through mainstream censorship. And "tempoary", what does that mean in your psycho-babble world of Pop-Cosmology? Incidentally, to the title of the article, this is not a "theory. Having reviewed the papers a few times each, I find this plausible but not compelling.

Money and Sustainability – The Missing Link: Review

We'll see if the author or others can clear these up, and what other defects I might have missed might be advanced by the cosmology and relativity communities. I think gravity reverses and becomes repulsive at approximately 1. It becomes more and more strongly repulsive, reaches a peak, and then decreases trailing off to zero. This does away both with dark matter and also dark energy. It explains why most galaxies are accelerating away from each other. It also explains gravitational rotational rates. Galaxies are pushing against each other keeping outer stars in a faster than expected orbit.

I explain about this in the notes at the bottom of the article. Eliminating the repelling fluid from the interior of galaxies would seem to be a mathematical gambit to force a somewhat workable cosmological theory. Although we need new thinking on this subject, this almost-universal repelling "fluid" seems like a lot to swallow.

This energy balance at BB was extended to one simple 'energy balance field equation' by Dr. The unnecessary 'negative mass' idea is today an epicycle correction to the Nobel rewarded DE epicycle - in hopes of additional Nobel mistakes in recent years!?