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Kolej Sakura | Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS): Smart Caliph Camp

Only Russia denounced this state of affairs, first during the G20 in Antalya November , then by five Intelligence reports which were handed to the United Nations Security Council between 29 January and 17 May The military failure of the Caliphate facing the Syrian and Iraqi armies revealed to Turkey the worst possible image of itself.

There is no difference either between the genocide of non-Muslims — including Armenian Christians — by Sultan Habdul Hamid II, followed by the young Turks, and that of the Yezedi Turks and the industrial-line decapitation of secular citizens. The way of the Muslim Brotherhood dragged the country into a dead end of horror and violence.

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This was not a choice, but a vital necessity. They will do no more than postpone its clarification a little longer.

Ankara can only pursue the Astana-Nour process. Ankara is turning carefully to a redefinition of its identity, no longer religious, but nationalist, no longer exclusive, but inclusive. Source: Voltaire Network. Your article is no more than brainwashing poropaganda for the young, whom you are betraying; and the ignorant and lost.


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Duel control of people with a Crown and God Icon….. Yes Islam wants to take over and control the Planet.

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True Assassins go back to earlier times. This is the Time of the New World Order,. For everyone suffering the same shock … following startup parameters make NetBeans pretty again:. Having tested the YouTube Mobile portal I wanted to get the videos downloaded for my mobile phone.

Al-Baghdadi reportedly killed by Russians: the end of the Caliph

Unfortunately two facts hindered me from doing this: i Getting the video from an RTP stream is not that trivial and ii YouTube has only parts of its video converted for mobile access. This command line shown above encodes the video to H with a bitrate of kbps and AAC with a bitrate of 64 kbps. This is the maximum possible with 3gpp.

Alternatively one can also use the AMR audio codec. But this one has a rather low quality.

The home of Caliph & Emir and LIRE.

Around last weekend the YouTube mobile interface was opened. The interface is clean and simple.

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So one can also watch the videos using Realplayer see screenshot. Some further information on the used streaming format: The video I tested was encoded with 40 kbps with H This new feature, hopefully shipping in Java SE 7, is intended to support basic playback support for Java applications. JMC is also, eventually, intended to address capture and streaming capabilities.