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Hat mein Mann ein Alkoholproblem – Blaues Kreuz

Everything is now whiter than white. The present inhabitants of Galpin 's are also helping to conserve the past. The School Archivist g ratefull y acknowledges accessio ns of water pistols and a collection of American baseball hats, fo r which a new shelf mark is shortly expected.

If any of the o lde r members of Staff, o r retired members, had been listening to B. I 's Between the Lines on Tuesday , 2nd November, they would have been surprised to hear the surnames of the characters introduced in that episode. T hey included Mr. Wenley, Inspector Pollak, Mr. Newall, Michael Hodges, Sgt. Sugden and Edmonds, most of them being slightly misspelt in the final c redits list. It was no coincidence; the writer was Rob Hey land MR and he had hijacked names from his past.

Paul Pollak, Rob 's Housemaster, was gratified to hear that hi s name had been bo rrowed for the killer; most apt, he thought.


When informed. There was a delightfully nostalgic occasion last term when five of the winning seven from the Rosslyn Park Tournament returned to Ki ng's, with their wives, to attend a celebratory d inner, given by the Headmaster in honour of the achievement of this year's winning seven. Also present were the legendary Colin Fairservi ce, who was the rugby coach in , and Roy White who masterm inded th is year 's awesome achievement, together with their wives. In a short speech the square-jawed Hugh Jackson, captain of the side, congratulated this year's team on their g reat performance and thanked the Headmaster for suggesting the get-together.

There were photographs o n the Green Court before the meal and much reminiscing during the meal. The vo luble Chris Heyland , remembered for his electrifying pace and speed off the mark. Al so present were the well-balanced linkman, Richa rd Heslop, and the affable , self-effacing, Alfy Turner, who at one stage in his time at Ki ng' s had played forty-nine games in succession for 1st teams at cricket, rugger and hockey before tasting defeat!

Quin Rudley the flyer from , was in Australia so could not be present, neither was Nick Paul, the serum-half, who could not be traced. He achieved the probably unique double of being a member of the winning Rosslyn Park seven and also of the winning crew in the Head of the River race! T he food was of exqui site quality and a real feather in the cap of Stewart Smith, the school caterer. Those from the team could see just how much the cater ing standards at King's have advanced in twenty-nine years! Comparisons are, of course, invidious but I feel that whereas the XV were better than the XV.

In any case all had to agree that the Dinner was a well-earned tribute to both sevens, and the generosity of the Headmaster in suggest ing the get-together prov ided an evening to remember and to savour fo r all those lucky enough to be present. Rosslyn Park Reminiscences. T he England trophy was taken on a national tour and was brol:'ght to the School on 14th September.

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For the first time in many years two King's pupils have played hockey in the same Divisional side. Simon Gittings was capped three times in a series of matches aga inst Germany, playing for the England U 16 side. The money went towards a voice-activating computer. The Chairman of Canterbury Lions fund-ra isers, Mr. Greenfingered devotees of the recent Friday evening B.

T he mystery was quickly revealed with the camera panning on a cottage in Somerset and the smiling faces of Peter and Helen discussing the replann ing of their beautiful ga rden. Those who know his 'sudden vis ions' of expansion in the Precincts and the creation of 'dream' houses in Mint Yard and behind Meister Omers were treated to what can only be described as five minutes of 'vintage Pilk'. Dramatic gestures, plans in hand.

Conference Programme

The fascination of a garden ' is imposing order and beauty within nature'. A latter-day Humphrey Repton or Capability Brown perhaps? Figures In A Landscape. Having just taken several children , including her own, to J. Things must have been so much simpler in when she first agreed to lend her expertise in establishing an Activity called 'Desig n and Print' located in St. Augustine 's Undercroft. She had completed her degree course in Printed Textile Designs at Leicester just a few years before and was all set to encourage her young desig ners. This extra-curricular option rapidly gained popularity with pupils.

W hen Blackfriars Art Centre was opened in , Design and Print moved to the new premises and was now to be offered additionally as a subsidiary subj ect. In , Liz was to bring Emma, her second daughter, into Black friars at the age of six months. Un li ke the pupils, the lessons sent Emma to s leep in a quiet corner, bathing in the creative atmosphere. The next yea r saw the beginning of G. Like the subject which she has taught at King's, Liz has brought brightness , colour and enthusiasm into the lives of our community.

Many a study would have been a du ller place without some products of Design and Print. She has promoted an element of tasteful panache and a pride in personalised achievement. Her most endearing qualities are her g reat humility and her generous nature. When I arrived at King's she introduced herself as 'the lady who comes in part-time to teach Design and Print'.

As we know , Mrs. Dix is more than that and since when husband Peter took over the running of Tradescant she has carried out the rol e of Housemaster 's wife with a warmth and friendliness which has been much appreciated by all. Despite an increasingly busy life , Liz has always ensured that she had plenty of time to listen , time to help and time to instil the love of her subj ect in her pupils.

She may have followed he r husband into the teaching staff at King's but she has certai nly left her own imprint on the school. I hope that in he r new position as Headmaster 's wife at Po rt Regis School she may find some time for herself. Perhaps she will be able to tear up her list of 'the thousand things to be done today '. Maybe she will even learn to play golf! Whatever she does I am sure that she will do it with style, lig htness of heart and probably without the white overall.

We are all riche r for having known he r and we wish her every happiness in the future. Jerome Much will have been said in praise of Peter by the time these words are read , but in his case it wi ll bear repetition. Peter came to King's Canterbury in , with a rather wilder ha ircut than nowadays, fresh from teaching at the King's Cambridge cho ir school. He was head-hunted by David Raven, then Head of C lass ics and clearly a man with a nose for qua lity.

Peter sett led with a will into senior-school teaching, and soon established a reputation which he maintained througho ut : the man who set himself and all his pupils the highest standards and for whom success II.

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A Classics set taught by Peter knew that they were in for a hard time but would be guaranteed top g rades: he always denied keeping a bull whip in his cupboard and drawing on his natio nal service training in the South African army , but one wondered. Not many pupils dared to cross his path with an illegal bracelet or pair of patterned socks. I had some sympathy for Pe! Jniversity Debatmg Soctety: Peter was always exceptionally well prepared on these occastons, and m addition thought smartly on his feet.

Filtra los resultados

The contest was over almost before it began. He was not a man to challenge lightly at chess either , and has more recently developed a fascination for , and an expertise in , computer wizardry.

MAY BOOK HAUL PT. 2 !!! - 2017 - Kendra Winchester

Peter stepped in after the untimely death of David Raven to head th e C lassics Department for a year, then handed over to me with the utmost g race, always ready to g ive the best of advice and for me a true sheet-anchor. He was Senior Editor of The Cantuarian for several years. He has been deeply involved with games at the school , sitting on the Games Committee for about fifteen years: passionate about soccer and cricket witness that Sky aerial? He is justifiably proud that his last I st XI had an unbeaten season. That there is a deeply caring side to Peter should not need to be said , but th is has emerged most clearly in his work as Housemaste r of Tradescant since , where he has as often show n s upport for the weaker members as galvanised the talented.

The daily after-lunch ' hit-list' was a nervous time for pupils and resident tutors alike: too little milk or sugar in 'his majesty's' coffee would generate a torrent of Afrikaans abuse. He has provided the impetus for some first-rate sport in the House, but has also been the enabler of a good many first-rate plays and concerts. A special relationship with the Tradescant Museum Trust developed under Peter's guidance, and through that relationship many of us learnt of the life and achievements of Tradescant , with whom Peter shared a deep love of ga rdening.

In the pastoral connection a special word should be said about the powerful campaign he has directed to ease the rehabilitation of Leon Katz , a Tradescant pupil tragically and severely injured in Peter has a great love for his native South Africa, and many of us have benefited from hearing his clear explanations of the recent history of that country.

That there is a lighter side to the man appeared clearly in his celebrated appearance in a Common Room revue as a Mandela supporter at a time when school mytho logy would have placed him rather further to the right, and in his moonlighting role as Historical Adviser to the racy Chelmsford comedy series on Channel Four. Peter has also cha ired and been the driv ing force behind the Common Room Social Committee, putting into action a whole range of activities: my own memories go back particularly to the wine-tasting sessions yet another hobby of Peter 's and the notorious Greek dancing in the St.

Augustine's re fecto ry. He has himself written that the ethos here is essentially one of civilised values, and to this ethos he has contributed in no small measure. He goes with our affection and with all best wishes. He is well aware of the challenging nature of his new work, but his track record is such that we can be confident of his being a resounding success.

Our best wishes go with Liz and Pete r, as also with Becky and Emma, in their new lives. A reunion was held on 16th October and many Linacre O. Augustine's in the evening. Over the last year links have been forged with Linacre College, Oxford which have resulted in the first of what we hope will be a series of annual lectures given by Fellows of the College. Sir Bryan Cartledge, the College Principal, attended one of the School's guest nights last year, and we are very grateful for his support in this venture. The College cannot boast any medieval landmarks although the Domestic Bursar's jokes are thought to pre-date Chaucer , nor does it count amongst its rolls any belted Earls or former Prime Ministers.

In fact, apart from a couple of Bishops and a presenter of Gardeners' Question Time.

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