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Doing the same with his left arm, he cupped his hand and formed the letter C. Dejuan swaggered away from the group, over to a pile of T-shirts lying on the ground.

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He lifted up a burnt-orange University of Texas T-shirt and examined it. On the front of the shirt rested a large white T. Sweating profusely in the blistering South Texas heat, he tossed and turned as his last conversation with his brother was replayed inside his head. Too-Low smiled at his younger brother. All right? They need to be better than just all right. Travon shot a venomous glance toward his bother. What the hell was that for? Do you hear me?

Travon replied. Too-Low kicked a crushed beer can that was lying on the ground near his foot, sending it tumbling noisily across the roughly paved street. Fuck this shit, Tre! Too-Low shouted, once he had turned back toward his brother. Tre, you better not ever join a gang, or pick up any kind of dope. Travon shifted his eyes away from his brother, to a distant spot down the dark and empty street.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you! Travon yanked his arm away from his brother and again stared down the dark, trash-strewn street. All the girls in school were falling all over the guys who had joined. He would almost kill to be able to wear burnt orange to school. This shit is dangerous, Too-Low added. He decided to make up for it. He reached beneath his burnt-orange University of Texas T-shirt and pulled out his nine-millimeter Beretta handgun. He handed the cold, steel, death black weapon to Travon. Take this home and put it under my mattress.

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Go straight home with it, Tre. Travon lifted the weapon into the air and examined it. After a few seconds, he turned back toward his brother. Too-Low shook his head. Lil Anthony, Pop, and Tech Nine are on their way. We all gonna stay down tonight. Travon slid the gun into his pants and pulled his shirt down over it. Too-Low reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a wad of rolled-up bills.

He counted out fifteen hundred dollars and handed it to Travon. Tonight, when Momma goes to sleep, put four hundred dollars in her purse. You can keep a hundred for yourself, so that leaves a thousand. Put the G under my mattress, along with the strap. All right, Too-Low, thanks! Travon extended his fist and gave his brother some dap. Good looking.

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Travon smiled, ducked away, and turned and headed for home. He could faintly make out the sound of deep bass notes resonating from a stereo system. The notes grew progressively louder until finally a dark blue Hyundai came into view and passed by on the street just in front of him, silencing its stereo system. Travon watched from the shadows as the car slowed and turned the corner.

Moments later he heard the sound of semiautomatic weapon fire crashing through the midnight silence, and quickly decided that he had better head for home. Once safely inside his apartment, Travon did as his brother had instructed, and then retired to his bedroom. Travon bolted up from his bed. His bare chest heaved up and down, his breathing was hard and labored.

Eastside (Strebor on the Streetz) - Caleb Alexander

Travon wiped away the heavy beads of perspiration from his face, and then tried to focus his eyes. A slow glance around his balmy dark room quickly confirmed what he had suspected.

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He had, once again, suffered a nightmare. Travon swore under his breath and rubbed his eyes as he slowly pulled himself out of bed, then staggered to his bathroom. After washing his face, brushing his teeth, and taking a piss, he headed back into his bedroom. He had just begun to put his clothes on when his mother appeared at his door. Momma, what are you doing at home this morning?

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Travon asked, rubbing the top of his head. I had to change jobs, baby. The company I was working for only want to do home health care now, so they need people with cars. I have to work in a nursing home for right now, at least until I can get us a car. And the only positions the nursing home had open were night ones, so I work at night now, she explained.

Travon stretched his arms and yawned. Elmira rolled her eyes toward the ceiling and crossed her arms. All right, bad ass. Tre, you know what happened to your brother. So just bear with me for a little while, okay?

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Travon shifted his gaze to the floor and nodded. He could never forget what happened to his brother. He could never forget the night that his life changed forever. Elmira turned and started for the door. Now come on downstairs and eat you some breakfast. Quickly, she whirled back toward her son.