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Shades of Blue. Stories and folk-lore of West Cornwall. Vol 3.

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Irish Fairy and Folk Tales (Modern Library Classics)

Canongate DA MacKenzie Publication Boni and Liveright , Hardcover, pages. User reviews LibraryThing member BenjaminHahn. From what I was able to dig up, this book is a product of the late 19th century Gaelic renaissance.

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Yeats did not collect all these stories himself, he simply gleaned all the best ones from a variety of sources which are all well documented in the bibliography. At the point of this book's creation, I believe that Yeats was rather well known and he was using his notoriety as a poet to bring attention to the disregarded tradition of Irish folk tales. The general consensus among Yeats and his fellow Irish intellectual contemporaries was that Irish culture was 1.

From a cultural history point of view, its a fine collection, and I think it says a lot about what Yeats considered to be the cultural values worth passing on. Some of the stories are written phonetically, so if one were to read it out loud, one could practice a Donegal or Connemara accent.

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This proved quite entertaining as I read my wife to sleep from this book. Some are written as first hand accounts and some are written in the classic "Once upon a time I found the story entitled "The Banshee of the MacCarthy's" to be particularly effective and unnerving, despite my complete disbelieve in the existence of such entities.

Regardless, a culture's folk tales help describe the fears, hopes, and values of the community who pass them on. This is a fine collection which certainly accomplishes this and I recommend it as a good starting point for delving deeper into the tradition of Irish folk tales.

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Apparently they were quite common back in day, always stealing peasant's food. After reading this story, I am now considering the possibility that one of my gluttonous cats is likewise possessed by Lucifer; a rumor I fully intend to cultivate.