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The Knights Templar may have even influenced the Hopi tribe living in stone villages atop high desert mesas of the American Southwest. It is basically an eight- pointed, equilateral cross with each arm gradually expanding in width at the outer edge. The Arabic numeral 8 turned on its side represents infinity, whereas the octagonal shape was incorporated into Christian baptismal fonts. This cross looks like a grouping of four arrowheads with their apexes converging at a central point.

In this context it represents the sun itself. Maltese Cross Variations of the cross go by different names according to different uses. This cross is actually the emblem of the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces. They used this symbol during World War I, which is perhaps the reason for its negative connotation. The Rosicrucian or Rose Cross represents the redemptive power of the blood of Christ. Its symbol is the Maltese Cross. Its arms are curved at the perimeter, which indicates a cruciform enclosed within a circle.

This represents the spirit containing the body rather than the reverse. Crichton EM Miller claims that this cross was actually both an architectural tool for construction of megalithic structures, such as pyramids, and a navigational instrument that allowed mariners to sail the world in very ancient times. Celtic Cross and round tower at Monasterboice monastery in Ireland The Maltese Cross is also a badge of honor and a common symbol of protection for fire fighters everywhere. Its origin again goes back to the Crusades when the Knights of St.

John were fighting the Saracens in the Holy Land. The latter would hurl glass globes filled with naphtha at their enemy and then ignite the fluid, forcing the Knights to attempt a rescue of their comrades from an excruciating death. John lived for over three centuries. The Maltese Cross and the star were the primary emblems of the Babylonian sky god Anu. One of his sons, Vil-kan, was god of fire, metals, and weapons. Maltese crosses were also painted on pottery found at the fourth millennium site of Susa in western Iran—the biblical Shushan.

On the island of Philae in Upper Egypt one temple was engraved with a Maltese Cross beside a traditional crux ansata, or ankh. The Ashanti tribe of Ghana crafted gold weights carved with the Maltese Cross, while the Wagogo tribe of Tanzania wore ear-plugs inscribed with the same cross. Atlantis researcher George Erikson calls the Maltese Cross the quintessential symbol of navigation.

During early transoceanic voyages Phoenician traders or even the serpent cult of the Nagas from India may have first introduced this cross to America. India was certainly the country of origin for many Maltese Crosses. The symbols in the photo courtesy of T. Subash Chandira Bose are engraved on a massive stone slab on top of the southern gate of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in the city of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu. This unusual variation of the Maltese Cross is a stylized lotus plant with four leaves representing the cardinal directions and four petals representing the intercardinal directions.

Also note the Star of David at the upper left. At Tiahuanaco in Bolivia a bronze breastplate or altarpiece was inscribed with a number of Maltese Crosses.

Roanoke Island: the Lost Colony

One Garcilasco de Vega, the midth century son of a Spanish soldier and an Incan woman, wrote that the Maltese cross was kept in a sacred precinct of Cuzco, Peru. An obsidian eagle carved with a Maltese Cross as one of its eyes was unearthed at La Venta, the Olmec area of southeastern Mexico. The 16th century Codex Florentine of the Aztecs shows a figure atop a temple altar with a Maltese Cross-shield in one hand and a snake in the other.

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The list goes on. Apache medicine men living in Arizona and New Mexico drew this image on their shirts in order to make themselves invisible. The Chumash Indians of California also painted many examples of this cross inside caves. Also called intaglios, these earth figures were constructed on river terraces by removing darker cobbles to reveal a lighter subsurface.

Like the famous Nazca lines of Peru, the human-made geomorphs are sometimes hundreds of feet in length. They were laid out to variously represent humans, animals, snakes, spirals, stars, and circles or other geometric shapes. Although either the ancestral Hopi or the ancient Quechan and Mohave Indians may have constructed them, many different tribes visited these sites to perform ceremonies as early as 3, years ago. And like the Nazca lines, geoglyphs are best appreciated from the air, so they probably were intended as homage to sky gods. One site on the Arizona side of the Colorado River contains a Maltese Cross nearly ten feet in diameter located adjacent to two humanoid figures whose heads are roughly pointing southeast.

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Best maltese cross images | Hanging medals, Royal jewels, Badges

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Poking Maltese investors has made them very cross

Since luggage at the end of the trip is such a free for all, having a unique thing on your bag might help prevent anyone taking your stuff by accident. Bring some cash with you in the off-chance that you do need to pay those dreaded Flixbus baggage fees. That said, any refunds you get DO come in the form of Flixbus credit. The remaining crew returned to England without having found any information on the colonists of Roanoke.

It seemed as if there would never be a definitive answer to the mystery of the disappearances. Over the years, there have been many theories and hypotheses put forth to help try to explain this long-standing mystery.

source url They range from the potentially true to the just outlandish. Some incorporate spiritual beliefs while others use strictly scientific and historical data to solve the mystery. While many explanations have been put forth, these are the most common theories that have been discussed that could help us figure out what happened to the people of Roanoke. The most popular theory is that the colonists left Roanoke and that they sought shelter with other Indian tribes. There were many documented sightings of Europeans and their influence in the years following the disappearance of the settlers, and the theory goes that these Europeans could have been the missing settlers or their descendants.

The Zuniga map, drawn by a Jamestown settler named Francis Nelson in , documents four men that came from Roanoke living among the Iroquois tribe.

Essay on The Lost Roanoke Colony

In the early s to the middle s, European colonists claimed to have met gray-eyed Indians who claimed to have been descended from white settlers. In , French Huguenots left records of meeting blond-haired, blue-eyed Indians soon after their arrival along the Tar River. William Strachey also claimed to have seen Peccarecanick and Ochanahoen Indians living in two-story stone houses that the English showed them how to build.

The main theory is that the settlers of Roanoke moved to Croatoan Island and joined with the Native Americans living there. The settlers had good relations with them, so we can assume that the settlers were absorbed into the tribe. This theory has never been substantiated, but with the clues left at Roanoke, plus the good relations that were standing between the settlers and the Indians at the time of their disappearance, it is all we have to go on.