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Makl is looking to become the greatest mercenary the universe has known. In true family tradition, he leaves a trail of mayhem and bodies wherever he goes, steals the most priceless of items, ravishes females left and right. But that all ends the day he comes across the biggest prize of all — a human barbarian. Fooled into thinking her a priceless virgin and captivated by her pale skinned, two-breasted frame, he abducts her, or at least means to.

Mercenary Abduction (Alien Abduction, #4)

His plan goes somewhat awry. The not-so-innocent human becomes his partner in crime instead of his prisoner, and together they form an unstoppable duo. Or is there? Each book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a stand alone but for total reader enjoyment, it is recommended you read them in order. Why after the first book, well because our hero Makl is sent on an errand for his family to bring back a human nanny for our couple from book one.

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Our heroine Olivia has been in space for years now. I laughed a lot in this novel. What these two do to get out, oh my!. They end up teaming up to scam and do hists all over the galaxy on their way to his cousins place. He still needs to bring back a nanny. The banter was a lot fun and I loved all the fun they had on their way to his family. His plan goes somewhat awry. The not-so-innocent human becomes his partner in crime instead of his prisoner, and together they form an unstoppable duo.

Tales of their misdeeds and budding passion become a universal sensation, but there's no room in a mercenary's life for a mate. Or is there? For the first time in his life, the Mercenary's Guide to Prosperity doesn't have an answer to Makl's questions, and there's no visible threat for him to kill.

What's a poor, purple mercenary to do? All he ever wanted was to be one of the boys. To run and play—and love—like all of them. So Adrian made that dream come true by experimenting…on himself, and in curing his disease, he became something more.

Someone special. Intoxicated with his discovery, he shared his healing gift, but not everyone was grateful for the second chance. Some of his patients tried to kill him. Many more became feral. Minor setbacks on the road to greatness. But before he can take more, his enemy arrives to stake a claim. On the run not only from Earth forces but his enemies too, they must fight to survive and evade capture. It should have been a simple volunteer job.

Keep the events for the Romancing the Capital convention running smooth.


Mercenary Abduction - Alien Abduction, #4

But from the moment Brigitte lays eyes on the male model dipped in purple, hired for the galactic party, she is thrown into a tizzy—mostly because of his stolen kiss. He brought a bunch of his mercenary friends to help him abduct all the single ladies. Grab some specimens from Earth and sell them on the interstellar black markets. In and out, with no one the wiser, except Tren accidentally abducts a human. Fighting fierce foes. Of clubbing a viable male to bring home to her mother so that her transgression is forgiven.

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When Zethia was spurned by a handsome cyborg general, to hide her shame, she falsely accused him of a crime. Now he is back and determined to have his revenge…and claim her as his bride. This is a 17, word novella. These books are best enjoyed in order. Accepting the assignment, Amanda is processed as the first Interstellar Bride and transported halfway across the galaxy to her new mate's battleship where she awakens to discover she has been matched to not just one huge Prillon warrior, but two.

Shocked by her craving for the touch of two dominant alpha males, Amanda attempts to hide her body's immediate reaction to Commander Grigg and his second, Rav.

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Resistance is futile as her new mates expect to control every aspect of her life, and her pleasure, and neither will hesitate to deliver a thorough and embarrassing spanking should she disobey their sensual commands, or resist a complex and deeply arousing series of medical exams designed to ensure her sexual readiness for their claiming. Seduced and cherished by two alpha alien warriors who hide nothing from her, Amanda quickly comes to realize that the threat to Earth is very real.

When she witnesses a battle with the enemy and the resulting death of a highly respected warrior, she knows she must tell her mates the truth and hope they can forgive her for her duplicity before it's too late. Loyalties will be tested as Amanda fights the most important battle of her life. How can she protect the warriors she has grown to love and save the people of Earth from making a terrible mistake?

Mercenary Abduction: (Sci-Fi Romance) (Alien Abduction) (Volume 4)

Will her human contacts believe her when, with every touch, every look, they will see just how thoroughly she has been mastered by her mates? It is an erotic romance novel that includes sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, spankings and more and is intended for an adult audience. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book. Wereshark and former Immortal Op Cody Livingston has spent decades keeping his head down and staying off the grid. Now Cody spends his days trying to right the wrongs left in the wake of the experiments and protecting any innocents caught in the crossfire.

It was their only hope after being forced to flee the dead planet that was once their ancestral home. When they initially tried to destroy the settlers, a deal was made to ensure both species' survival. It was decided that each year, every five-year-old human child must take The Walk across a hundred meter field. If they don't stop or run, they will arrive safely on the other side, and be allowed to grow up and have families of their own.

But if they break the rule, the gerons will kill them. Unless, by a strange quirk of fate, a geron decides to Pair with the child, taking and raising the human as its own.

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Assigned as a specimen collector for a captured cyborg, Chloe is intrigued by the machine disguised as a man. Kidnapped during his daring escape, he shows her that despite the chip in his brain, his humanity is not completely lost. Formerly known as unit XGI, Joe is on a quest to discover his origin. While he doesn't find the answers he's looking for, he does discover that affection and lust aren't just for humans. But when it comes to a battle between logic and love, which side will the cybernetic organism-once a man-choose?


Evaluating his feelings will have to wait though because the military isn't done with Joe. But their threats against him pale in comparison before the shocking discovery of project C, the revelation of which stuns the rebel cyborgs-and ignites a fury for vengeance. Genre: A Cyborg romance with dark humor, an alpha male, some humans you'll hate and a cool twist that will leave you craving for a machine lover of your own. Nena Brax is a galactic police officer on the hunt for Ryrke Zo'dan, a fierce and renowned Jardan warrior wanted for murder.

The alien Jardan are known for their incredible strength, honor, fighting spirit But when things go wrong, a starship crash leaves both Nena and Ryrke stranded on a primitive planet with no hope of escape. In order to survive, they are forced to join a native tribe where Nena has no choice but to be mated or be banished.

Only who should step forward to claim her? A certain wanted and sexy alien warrior who is able to command her body with the slightest touch Ryrke has sworn an oath of vengeance upon the corrupt space station judge who framed him and murdered his friend. But when the exasperating human female shows up to arrest him, his plans are quickly derailed.