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Is the pressure nowadays even more pronounced, with the huge growth in media outlets and social media sites providing unprecedented analysis and scrutiny? Asked if he would like to see the Dubs achieve a record his team didn't, O'Dwyer replied: "Well, records in general, I like seeing being broken. They're good enough, they deserve to do it.

But I hope that Kerry can put a team together to tackle them. With that in mind, Micko stressed that it's "very, very important" that the Kerry county board appoint the right man as Eamonn Fitzmaurice's successor. We'll know quickly if they can make the present team.

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They'll have to be worked harder, to put in more work, and if they do that then they'll be able to compete. You can like our main Facebook page here. Our Instagram account can be found here. By Michael Scully. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. It is an identity based not on tribe but on landscape, place and memory.

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There has been a welcome explosion of novels by young Irish women, but they often seem strangely conventional in form and content. Emer Martin cannot be accused of that. It is her unconventionality, perhaps, that has led to her curious invisibility at the forefront of Irish literature. Narrative Joyride Afric McGlinchey. Secrets, skeletons and the grey areas of morality are her specialty. She writes without a vestige of sentimentality, while still creating a lump-in-the-throat reaction.

Surveying the Wreckage Dick Edelstein.

Living at the margins of the English language, with German offspring and spouse, her erudite idiolect can be spiced with fractured syntax or diced diction. Not the Cartographer of Guilt Mark Wasserman. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Neil McCarthy read aloud tends to remember the experience. Equal parts showman and shaman, he stalks the stage, reciting his work from memory, pouring forth both wit and wonder.

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On the page, his voice is not just captured but deepened. The Biggest Question Scott Beauchamp. William Vollmann is fond of tackling large subjects and writing very big books, both fiction and non-fiction.

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In a two-volume work on climate change he addresses himself to the future inheritors of the earth and tries to explain to them why we did so little to prevent its destruction. Homo Economicus John Bradley. Smith fully understood the difference between a scientific theory and an investigation into human and societal behaviour.

A science of man would always be different from a science of nature. Big Tech seems to envisage a future in which most humans will be like docile cows, to be regularly milked for their data.

If you want to retain some control over your existence you will have to learn to run faster than the government, faster than the algorithms and faster than Amazon. In his novel about the fortunes of the provincial middle class Curtin sisters, he indicts late Victorian Catholic values, warped by the privileging of religious vocations over marriage.

Alternative Facts Linda Anderson. These claims of originality and an ethical approach cannot, however, stand much scrutiny. Saving Democracy John Horgan. The most radical critics of our contemporary political systems offer solutions that sound more like symptoms of the illness than any possible cure.

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Surely there is plenty of space between thinking there is no alternative and believing that the only alternatives possible are the outrageous ones. One Robust Story? Philip Coleman. Charles de Gaulle was a traditional Catholic Christian. He rarely spoke of or even mentioned God but rarely failed to speak instead of France, the great stained-glass rose window in which the divine light had glowed through the centuries in radiance or in sombre melancholy.

Something To Declare Wendy Graham. The representative stock aesthete left London an understudy for the leaders of the aesthetic movement, returning a celebrity in his own right. Man of Marble Maurice Earls. Yet despite living abroad he was without question, and especially in terms of his subject matter and patrons — chiefly the Irish bourgeoisie and Catholic church — an Irish artist. Reclaiming Democracy John Fanning.

The internet is the most abundantly stocked pantry of grievance in the history of mankind, its users under constant surveillance. What future can there be for democracy if politics becomes a question of detailed statistical analysis and precisely targeted messages rather than ideas?

Justice Withheld Ian Doherty. Anti-Catholic riots in London in led to 1, deaths.

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It is also particularly interesting because of its relationship to the work of Elena Ferrante. Tales from the Wardrobe John Mulqueen. Starting from some diaries found in a wardrobe, Mazower has traced an epic and often tragic family history that played out against the turmoil and violence of the early twentieth century. Co Longford in particular seems to have been especially rich in literary life at this time. Death in the Novel Eamon Maher.

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With the waning of religious faith and practice in Ireland, the hope of eternal salvation is no longer available to a large portion of the population. A new study of the theme of death in the Irish novel takes us from a world saturated by religious ritual to one which mostly wishes just to forget the past.

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Get Down from There Alice Lyons. In her native Poland Olga Tokarczuk has the enviable position of being an author of books seriously engaged with ideas, politics and history who enjoys a wide readership, now steadily and deservedly growing internationally. Though the monologuists never meet, their stories are fused through the featuring of a third character, Cumann na mBan member Eileen Murphy.

Religious markers are mentioned casually punctuating the seasons, with the yellow whin bushes blooming at Easter, and following the rhythms of everyday life. John F Deane is a poet who lives history, who breathes at one with the world around him. He reminds the reader that we live only for a short while on this rock in space but that that time is precious and profound.

We are all dear pilgrims — whether we realise it or not. In Cold Blood John Fanning. Gazing Heavenwards Gerard Smyth. The challenge in our secular age for a poet engaging with the spiritual and religious is how to sound the authentic note. The problem was, however, that the fire could not be extinguished. The Traumatic Quotidian Paul Murphy. Conor O'Callaghan's new collection often deals with rather mundane events, the primary material of life perhaps, rather than subjects more associated with the epic, but from this he often fashions something original and valuable.

Moongaze More Often Keith Payne. Orphaned, disillusioned with the art world and insulated from the need to work by a large inheritance, she can find no particular reason to participate at all. He has an intrinsic core of honesty, humanity and steadiness; we are in safe hands here. The Mobile Cave Catalin Partenie. Endgame John Swift.