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Autumn – The most beautiful season

Gao Tai Yu Han Shao. Xin Rui Qi Su Ye. Hu Hao Bo Ji Xiao. Wang Xuan Wan Zi.

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Xiang Yi Zheng [Assistant]. Chun Wong Chen Han Sheng.

Most Beautiful Thing

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The American Indian pieces are haunting, like Bear Killer. I chose to integrate into the score twentieth century Appalachian music. A large chunk of the story takes place in the Appalachian Mountains, a region of America with a strong musical identity. Over the course of a few hundred years, Appalachian music developed into what we categorize as bluegrass, country and folk music today.

These genres emphasize specific vocal styles: clear, sonorous vocal tones stacked in triadic harmonies, often featuring high falsettos.

Most Beautiful Thing

This music also popularized instruments such as banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and a fretted dulcimer, used so often it became known as an Appalachian dulcimer. I loved it.

Bob Ross - Island in the Wilderness (Season 29 Episode 1)

So glad they included the CD of his music in the Season 4 Blu-ray. Thank you so much! I am impatient to listen after all this wonderful information!