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Congo, Democratic Republic of

On 25 June , a Congolese army colonel in South Kivu allegedly raped a year-old girl on her way back from school, and forced her to follow him on his redeployment after he learned she was pregnant — although she eventually managed to escape. There were two reported incidents involving higher education. In January , university students protesting insecurity on the campus of the University of Kinshasa, following the murders of two of their classmates, clashed with police. The university administration reported three deaths resulting from police gunfire, though police said there were only injuries, and several buildings and vehicles were looted or set on fire.

Destruction, looting and occupation of schools and the presence of unexploded ordnance in and around schools continued in , as did the threat of recruitment from schools and along school routes in eastern DRC. University students and police clashed on at least two occasions, one of which reportedly resulted in casualties. The police claimed that warning shots had been fired on the second day of protests but a student representative said that the police had opened fire on the protesters, some of whom were throwing stones, and had killed two students and wounded at least five others.

The figure is higher than per cent because gross enrolment means the total number enrolled, regardless of age, as a percentage of the age cohort. Jump to Navigation. Search form Search this site. Women and girls are vulnerable to sex trafficking associated with the construction sector. Indigenous populations are especially vulnerable to forced labor in agriculture.

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The Republic of Congo had a negative net migration in , The Congolese constitution and law allow for freedom of association. Political, social, or economic groups or associations were required to register with the Ministry of Interior and Decentralization. There have been reported instances of police abductions of unionists, arrests of unionists for peaceful strikes, and unionists being subjected to harassment and threats from government and authority figures.

There is no official minimum wage in the agricultural sector and other informal sectors. The high cost of urban living causes many working in the formal sector to seek secondary employment in informal sectors. There is no legal limit on the number of hours worked per week, but the law does provide a standard work week of seven hours per day with a one-hour lunch break for five days per week.

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The law requires overtime pay for work outside of regular working hours. There are no laws prohibiting excessive compulsory overtime. The U. Department of State has reported that observance of workplace safety standards law is often lax, and that workers do not have any specific right to leave work situations that could harm their health or safety without jeopardizing their employment. There are no reported exceptions for foreign or migrant workers and authorities are not reported to protect workers effectively in unsafe working situations. The constitution prohibits discrimination based on family background, ethnicity, social condition, age, political or philosophical belief, gender, religion, region of origin within the country, place of residence in the country, HIV-positive status, or disability.

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S Department of State has reported that these provisions are not reiterated in law outside of the constitution and discrimination often occurs towards women, refugees, and indigenous people. The law also stipulates that women should receive equal pay for equal work, but most women are employed in the informal sector where labor law is not often followed. The constitution prohibits forced labor unless it is part of a criminal penalty mandated in court.

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The minimum legal working age is The law also prohibits forced labor, trafficking and all forms of slavery, child soldiering and forced recruitment for child soldiering, and prostitution for children under The law provides the maximum penalty for violators of the worst forms of child labor is a fine of CFA francs 1. Department of State has reported minimal enforcement of these laws and very little prosecution of violators. Some domestic and international human rights groups occasionally operated without government restriction. Human rights groups were frequently denied access to prisons and detention centers.

Domestic human rights groups did not often report on specific incidents out of fear of government reprisal.

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  8. There are no reported discriminatory immigration laws in the Congo. Department of State has noted that low-level corruption in immigration and customs does exist.

    DR Congo Corruption Report

    Deportees were subject to police brutality and rape. West African immigrants were also targeted for deportation in Congo is also in the planning period for four special economic zones SEZs. The Republic of the Congo scored a Department of State reports that the crime threat level in the Congolese capital of Brazzaville is high. Security forces have also been reported to torture those who dissenters.

    State Department reported that sex workers and gay men are targeted for arrest.

    Sanctuary - Illegal Logging and Human Rights Abuses - Democratic Republic of Congo DRC

    Refugees and migrants are frequently targeted in the Congo. There have been numerous reports of immigrants being targeted for arrest by security forces. Refugees from the CAR are targeted under the claim that because the war in the CAR has ended, they are no longer refugees. Date of the Ruling:.

    DR Congo Corruption Report

    Jun 18 Type of Forum:. Enforcement of the Decision and Outcomes:. Groups involved in the case:. Significance of the Case:. Thematic Focus:. Corporate Accountability. Housing Right to adequate. International Financing, Trade and Investment. Life Right to. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Related Resources:.