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At the very least, you should have the Janz and Kozeniewski titles which I reviewed in IndiePicks Magazine as suitable for all libraries.

These subgenres are only getting more popular and this list is a great way to stay in the know. The nominees are:. David J. Congratulations to all! Works on the ballot were selected by fans and readers.

Winners in each category will be voted on by the Splatterpunk Awards jury. The winners will be announced the the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards ceremony, taking place August 24th through the 26th at KillerCon in Austin, Texas. Labels: awards , genre blending , haunted house , HWA , novella , poetry , Reviews , short stories , splatter punk.

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File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server Zippyshare. To upload a file just follow these simple steps: Benefits of using Zippyshare: 1 Select a file to send by clicking the "Browse" button. The plot closely follows the events of Exorcist Road , making it impossible to discuss in detail without spoilers for the earlier story. In Exorcist Road , young priest Father Crowder helps to exorcise a demonically possessed teenager named Casey. Meanwhile, a whodunit is going on in the background: a serial killer whose MO is the murder of sixteen-year-old girls is loose in the town.

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The resulting conflict ends with Crowder pushing Sutherland out of a window, a fatal fall that Crowder manages to pass off as suicide. Once the exorcism is over, Crowder has more than innocent blood on his hands. He is the new host of the demon Malephar, and is forced into an unholy pact with the spirit that will allow him to live so long as he does not expose Danny Hartman as the local serial killer. This is the sticky situation in which our conflicted protagonist finds himself at the start of Exorcist Falls.

In some ways, Exorcist Falls has the feel of a superhero comic the grim-and-gritty variety, needless to say. Playing host to Malephar grants Crowder some bona fide superpowers, namely Wolverine-like healing ability and access to the memories of others touched by the demon, including arch-enemy Hartman.

While Crowder is barred from taking on Hartman directly, he does get to flex his demon-powered muscles against lower-level wrongdoers. Bur Exorcist Falls is not, at its heart, a power fantasy; rather, it is a puzzle. Crowder cannot unmask Hartman directly, as when he starts to get too close to the line, the demon drives him into acts of self-harm the novel contains a particularly harrowing and drawn-out scene of dental injury. It is therefore up to Crowder to find a way of exposing the murderer indirectly, and hope that his body and his conscience both survive the ordeal.

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All of this culminates in a killer double-whammy of a twist ending. After playing a video game featuring a sexy devil lady, a group of randy young dudes decide to summon a succubus of their very own. What they inflict upon the world is a creature that, in its true form, resembles nothing so much as a big, repulsive slug—a long way from the curvy babes of gamedom. But the succubus is capable of taking on other forms through the power of illusion, fulfilling whatever fantasies its victims may harbour. And as it happens, all of this is taking place in a town where the people harbour a pretty lurid range of fantasies….

Just as the frat-boy japes of the largely interchangeable protagonists start to outstay their welcome a short distance into the novel, Christine Morgan deploys her omniscient narrator.

Tsathoggua, HPLFF, & Spermjackers From Hell

Suddenly, everything becomes a whole lot more meta, as in the chapter where the narrator explains why there is a lack of children in the town—and then explains the reason behind this creative decision:. And having a lot of younger characters around would just make everything a little too icky and weird. We have some standards, thank you very much! Serving much the same function to the narrator, not the mermaids is Beth, the token girl in the otherwise all-male gang of demon-summoners, who is always ready to cast a wry eye over the predilections of her horndog friends.

During the course of the novel the succubus masquerades as Beth, a plot point that Morgan uses as an excuse for more meta commentary.

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Male sexual fantasy, and sardonic appraisal of male sexual fantasy, thereby become one and the same. Spermjackers from Hell is an utterly filthy, lurid, shameless exercise in gratuitous exploitation that turns out to have a surprising amount going on between its ears. But this is only the start of the problems faced by Paige and her crew…. The Manifest Destiny , it turns out, is inhabited by the descendants of its original crew.

These people have legends of their own, including the belief that the ship was scuppered by a disease that warped the minds of its victims, turning them into saboteurs.