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Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics

Physical description xii, p. Online Available online.

Green Library. S65 Unknown. More options.

Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. The nearly forty essays collected here comprise a unique guidebook to the American landscape after the millennium - not just the deserts, skies, gardens, and wilderness areas that have long made up Solnit's subject matter, but the social landscape of democracy and repression, of borders, ruins, and protests.

‘Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics’ by Rebecca Solnit

She ventures into territories as dark as prison and as sublime as a broad vista, revealing beauty in the harshest landscape and political struggle in the most apparently serene view. Her introduction sets the tone and the book's overarching themes as she describes Thoreau, leaving the jail cell where he had been confined for refusing to pay war taxes and proceeding directly to his favorite huckleberry patch.

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In this way she links pleasure to politics, brilliantly demonstrating that the path to paradise has often run through prison. These startling insights on current affairs, politics, culture, and history, always expressed in Solnit's pellucid and graceful prose, constantly revise our views of the otherwise ordinary and familiar.

Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics - Rebecca Solnit - Google книги

Illustrated throughout, "Storming the Gates of Paradise" represents recent developments in Solnit's thinking and offers the reader a panoramic world view enriched by her characteristically provocative, inspiring, and hopeful observations. Bibliographic information. Browse related items Start at call number: JA Books Digital Products Journals. Disciplines Politics Politics. About the Book Rebecca Solnit has made a vocation of journeying into difficult territory and reporting back, as an environmentalist, antiglobalization activist, and public intellectual.

About the Author Rebecca Solnit is the best-selling author of ten books — among them Wanderlust, Savage Dreams, and Hollow City — and countless articles, for which she has received numerous awards and accolades.

Storming the Gates of Paradise : Landscapes for Politics

In these eloquent prose portraits, local landscapes and national narratives intersect in ways that are at once beautiful and destructive. What is left is the quintessential Solnit essay: a delightfully borderless, peripatetic piece of writing—equal parts memoir, reportage, political commentary, historical investigation, and art and literary criticism. Solnit smoothes over this rough territory with melodious prose, offering readers a path through the storm. In the toxic deserts and suburban badlands of the West, she still finds seeds of paradise and futures redeemable by struggle. Neither lovesongs nor dirges, these remarkable essays are a genre of their own: imagine the intellectual acuity of Susan Sontag alloyed with the holy roar of Walt Whitman.

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At a time of reckless arrogance in high places, hers is a voice of moral clarity, wisdom about our country and planet, and impressive erudition that is lightly worn. This book is a tasting menu for the work of a mind and pen we are lucky to have. The essays in Storming the Gates of Paradise , with their brilliant and all too rare interweaving of political acumen and passionate prose, prove that she is in fact the best landscape writer around.