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Emily's the child's name.

Broken World: Carnival of Cruelty

She's She has autism. If it matters -- and I don't think it does -- Amy Mueller describes her daughter as a highly functioning autistic child, one who keeps a journal of gratitude and reads books as she waits for her favorite parades to roll, one who, as a year-old, analyzed her love of Carnival this way: "I don't feel like I am different than everyone else during Mardi Gras, Mama. During Mardi Gras, everyone is a little weird like me.

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Based on that statement alone, we can all concur that Emily's brain operates on a high plane. But even if that weren't the case, it wouldn't matter. Those whose struggles are more pronounced wouldn't have been any more deserving of the bullying Emily was subjected to.

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Besides, the distinction her mother makes was clearly lost on the college-age man who after being asked to watch it with his beer and his cigarette, after being asked if he could move a step or two so the girl could see the floats, shouted, "This retard is making watching the parade a challenge. Not surprisingly, the girl had no desire to see Muses or any other parade after that.

Her mother told her they could move. They could find a spot where the people were nicer. Despite her having concluded last year that Mardi Gras made her seem more normal, her encounter with the bully unraveled all of that, convinced her that she would forever be noticed -- and shunned.

As for that place her mother suggested they find? This brush is offered in a variety of designs.


The Carnival Of Cruelty

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