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Only if you put your money where your mouth is will something as big as cancer find a cure. In order to fight cancers, the first step is to work to control the causes of cancer. Without goals, even our biggest challenges will languish and remain unsolved.

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Unlike missions to outer space, cancer research is performed in a largely uncoordinated web of hospitals, universities, biotechs, pharmas and government agencies. In addition to funding, there is a need for focus and priorities. As the article states, Cancer is complicated. Much like addiction. I believe neither will be cured within my lifetime. Not comparing the two, just saying these are complicated diseases, which is why their cure has eluded us so far….

By Nicholas Florko. By Lev Facher.

Curing Cancer: Treatments to Keep an Eye On

By Lev Facher and Nicholas Florko. By Nicholas Florko and Lev Facher. Log In Learn More.

Finding Another Treatment Option for Stage 4 Lung Cancer: K.C.’s Immunotherapy Story

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It all boils down to greed. Plain old greed. What to know about EEE, a mosquito-borne virus on…. What to know about EEE, a mosquito-borne virus on the rise. Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy. What does it mean…. Malignant cells reproduce and form tumors or, in the case of blood cancers, crowd out normal cells in bone marrow and the bloodstream. People are diverse, and cancers are too. Two types of cancer might occur in the same organ, but they might not behave or react to treatment in the same way.

And genetic makeup can further complicate detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Despite all of the challenges that cancer presents, researchers are making progress in the prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship of the disease. Maybe more lives have been saved by public education and subsequent changes in behaviors than what people like me do in the lab.

Prevention is always important, of course. But so is finding newer and better treatments. And how cancer is treated has changed dramatically. Immunotherapy, for example, has marked a huge breakthrough in cancer care.

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  6. The immune system plays a role in combating cancer—there are ways to make the immune system more active in fighting cancer than it would be on its own. Researchers are testing new therapies focused on detection too. Blood tests are being developed to find cancer before symptoms start. This sort of testing is experimental right now. Costs and false positives concern researchers. In cancer, the epigenetic profile is altered.