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Scruffy the Christmas Bear. Winnie and Wilbur: Broomstick Alert. Laura Owen. Winnie and Wilbur: Gigantic Antics and other stories. The baroness has turned into the duchess, and I have a new noble: "The Incoming King". When I get details of him, it mentions how much archecture I have vs needed Desired 10k, Current: k , Road Value 7. Presumably the Offerings are to the Dwarven caravan.

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Road value seems easy to get up, each glass square is worth 40 bucks. I'm at K created wealth, k imported, 61k exported, population, no coins. We recently turned into a duchy and now have "The Incoming King" as well. He wants 15k architecture we have k , 5k road we have , and 5k offerings We have 0. Breakdown of created wealth: 9. What happens when you get the king and abandon your fort? Just to confirm how this works: Once you get promoted to a Duchy, you must meet the three requirements given by the Incoming King noble.

Road value, Architecture value and Offerings to dwarven caravans. The offering takes a while to get to the king, but once the requirements are met, you should get a king in the next wave of immigrants. So if, uh, totally hypothetically, my King went Stark Raving Mad due to his room not being up to snuff and died naked and thirsty, will I ever get another King?

Viper , 17 January EST. Who arrives with the king other than the Advisor? Who oth. Moved from article page -- Edward , 31 January EST From my experience so far, he's not made a single demand what so ever other than his room, etc. Admittedly it hasn't been that long 4th year of the fort, King was 1st immigrant , but I've had time to mine every tile of addy on the map that's safe to dig and then a couple.

But the nobles i have are already anoying enough, why do i want this king? I'm at my population cap actually just over due to births. I've meet all the requirements for the Incoming King. Will he still come? Yvain , 6 April EDT.

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  • I had been waiting for a King for a long time already, but I had finally filled all the requirements. So at last I get an announcment of his well her arrival. There's lot's of immigrants but the Queen is nowhere to be seen! Is this a bug of some sort or does she arrive seperately from the other immigrants? My population is which is under the cap. Oh there she is. She appears like Town Liaisons for example. She appears as Friendly in the U nit -screen.

    Stationing them or adding them to an existing squad seems to do the trick. It's possible once the dwarf's idle immigrant status goes away they'll stop standing there. Iucounu , 8 March EDT. This also happened to me. Queen was marked as Friendly and sidestepped her entrance point to let her guards through.

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    • Her advisor also arrived and was marked as "Visitor". I reloaded to see if it would happen again or if it was just her location.

      She arrived on the same day in a different location with no change, after everyone else went inside even her 'visitor' advisor she remained there even after her imigrant status faded at which point she went and maced a hoary marmot in the face and returned to her position.

      She also doesn't appear on the nobles screen or as someone that I can assign rooms to, which is too bad because I built my entire fortress around her throne room, including an artifact throne with an engraving of her on it I was told that the king was incoming about years ago in game time. It took me a long time to get enough roads to be built, but about a year or so ago, I finished. The field for the incoming king says all of the qualifications are in.

      There has been an immigration and a "no one dared brave your fort" immigration message, but no king. How long does he wait to show up after that initial message? I got the adamantine king in my current game.